Severe & Catastrophic Injury

JCW Rea & Son has built its reputation as one of Northern Ireland’s leading law firms in dealing with these most complex cases.

Our specialist solicitors have many years’ experience of acting for insurers in brain injury cases, cases involving amputations, multiple injuries, serious spinal injuries and chronic pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome.

We pride ourselves on our handling of severe and catastrophic injury cases by providing a proactive, practical, and cost-effective service in this area where cases are often of high value and require significant experience and sensitivity. As such, we ensure that these cases are always exclusively handled by our very experienced Managing Partner.

As soon as we receive instructions, we will immediately put in place a strategy which will involve a comprehensive investigation with the insured and with all relevant witnesses.  Our approach to all these types of cases is to set a target timescale for resolving the case at the outset.

We actively encourage a consensual approach with our opponent in all cases, but in these cases more than any other, we believe in engaging closely with the Plaintiff’s legal team and as much as is possible we work with them to achieve a resolution of the claim quickly and cost efficiently.

In Northern Ireland traditionally higher value cases tend to be litigated and often these cases start to run in Court before settlement is reached.  We at JCW Rea & Son take a much more pro-active approach to resolving higher value cases at the earliest possible opportunity.  Very often approaches to settle these cases are made by our Partners without the involvement of Counsel wherever possible, and we will also use mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution wherever appropriate.

As a result of this approach, we have developed good working relationships with many Plaintiff practitioners and with experts on matters such as rehabilitation and pain management and thus keep ourselves fully abreast with the latest advances in these areas.

By keeping up to date and engaging leading medical specialists, rehabilitation specialists, consultants, occupational therapists, accountants, and architects, we get the most economic and efficient results for our clients.

Our longstanding relationships with leading barristers and QCs also ensures that the best possible advice and representation is provided from first instruction until the conclusion of any given case.

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