Contamination & Environmental claims

As anyone who has had the misfortune of experiencing an oil spill at their residential or commercial premises, the consequences and costs involved in the bio-remediation process are often significant.

We have extensive experience in handling household insurance claims arising out of oil spill contamination.  Both defending liability claims against policyholders following spills of oil from their property to neighbouring properties and pursuing recoveries against Third Party householders and their insurers.

We work closely with specialist bio-remediation experts and loss adjustors in relation to these often complex cases.  One of our partners, Martin Hanna has very considerable experience in dealing with these cases which can be complex and require sensitivity.

Often policyholders have to endure substantial upheaval with the contamination having to be bio-remediated.  We vigorously pursue recovery of these losses on behalf of our insurance clients and their policyholders who can also be compensated for the significant distress and inconvenience if they have suffered an oil leak onto their land from another source.

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