Credit Hire and Motor Claims

Our Motor team has vast experience of dealing with the defence of claims arising out of road traffic accidents and the nuances of how such claims are dealt with by the Courts in this jurisdiction.

We at JCW Rea & Son are passionate about trying to find ways of making the process of dealing with motor claims in Northern Ireland, fairer and more efficient. The Civil Justice Reforms have gone some way towards achieving this in England and Wales, but sadly in this jurisdiction, with a Pre-Action Protocol that lacks ‘teeth’, we must continue to strive to try to achieve a more equal and balanced outcome for defendants and insurance companies in motor related claims, and we will remain committed to doing so until such times as legislative changes can bring this about.

At the same time, we are fully aware of the need to achieve a prompt and cost-effective outcome in cases and our specialist knowledge and efficient process of dealing with these claims means that we can provide a first class service to our clients and also their policyholders in every case.

From cases involving inflated credit hire charges and repair costs, to those where personal injury has clearly been exaggerated, or where liability is disputed, our team of experienced solicitors provide a unique, personal service to our clients and their customers alike.